Cruise Control

We were stacked up. I came into work without much thought but we were in pretty damn good nick. All that extra shit I did after work on Tuesday night might’ve been worth it because it just about made today breezy as fuck. I worked the just the night shift with S.

It’s good when you work with guys who know more or less what the fuck to do and are focused on getting shit done. I’m not really keen on having to push people to do stuff for me. I’d rather hope they just follow my lead. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll scream in their faces if it needs to be done but generally, I’m a hands off laissez faire kinda manager.

I was pretty much in second gear all night. We did one dish and had the next 10 ready. We helped out other people, we packed down at 10pm. Until this regular biatch walks in. After 10pm. Not a fan. Still, I was out early, got home early. I needed today.



Tuesday double. I got into some sort of zombie state when we did like about 200 or so covers and I worked my section alone. I also had to reup everything for prep. It was a tough one. After service was done, I was still doing shit, smoking fish, chopping stuff, topping shit up, defrosting stuff… I left the kitchen at like after 1am. It’s been a while since I did that. The last time I stayed til super late because I needed to work and not because service ended late, I was still fresh with that new job motivation running in my veins.

This time was different. A kind of resignation that meant I didn’t care if I was at home sleeping or just doing more shit so M/everyone else doesn’t have to be overworked. Better me than them. I hope it will benefit us because even as the weather starts to cool down, we seem just as busy as ever and my section seems to be bearing a decent load.


One of the guys on fryer’s leaving. He’s an older dude. Well actually, he’s like my dad’s age man. It’s clear that he struggles to keep up with the pace at times and finds it hard to handle the prep and the pressure. He’s constantly fucking moanin on and on and to be honest, it’s annoying the fuck outta me.

I mean, he already made the decision to leave once, came back to work part time and then offered to go back to full time and now he’s gone and decided that it’s too much to bear. Prior to this, he was just moanin’ on and on about this, that and the other person screwing him over and how no one gave a shit etc etc etc. I felt bad and listened to him partly because I’m the only one who speaks his mother language but the dude was turning into one of those old guys.

I feel for him, I really do. To be at it at his age is impressive. I have mad respect for him but he’s downing the crew and putting us in the shit because we’re losing 4 guys next week. 2 on holidays and 2 quitting. We got one guy in on trial but I dunno if that’s going to be enough. My section is down to me and M and one of the pastry chefs is going on holiday. Which means, I’m working pastry soon. So how the fuck is M gonna survive with just her and some support guys who don’t do it full time?

We’re in the fucking shit in terms of staff soon. Our kitchen is a little high rotation at times. I’ve seen quite a few guys come through but it’s understandable because it’s fucking hard work man. We push hard every fucking day and if you slack just one day, you’re screwed the next. There is no room for someone to take it easy, certainly not on my section anyway.

Oh well, just gotta suck it up and work them doubles I guess.


Tonight was a farewell to one of the girls on pans. Truth be told, most of the guys hate her and find her annoying/bitchy etc. She was the one who guided me into the restaurant when she used to run larder. I have a fair amount of respect and I get along just fine with her but she can be a total biatch when she feels like it, which makes her horrible at time.

Anyway, so we’re having some beers after service and this has little to do with her but we painted our pastry chef’s bald head with 6 dots so he looked like Krillin and discussed DBZ. 1 Aussie, 3 Japanese, 1 Frenchman, 2 Italians and a Singaporean. Talking about kamahamehas and who was the most badass villain (Freeza vs Buu).


It was fucking busy today. That’s fine. The only thing that really stuck in my head was this lady eating at the counter who’d burst into the shrillest laugh ever that pierced through everything. If you’ve got an annoying laugh, don’t bring it to a counter kitchen cos it’s so fucking annoying man.


Today was so fucking easy. I haven’t had it this good in AGES. 90+ booked for lunch but it felt like nothing. Prep in the morning was so simple and easy. We just strolled through it and I put zero stress on myself to get anything done but I still got it done. I just got the commis to run service mostly whilst calmly stepping whenever I felt the need. Otherwise, I just chiffed up a whole medium sized red cabbage into a pile of garnish. Took me like an hour including some plating etc.

Also, I finished at fucking 3:30pm. Woot. I even made a fucking burrito. We’ve got this sashimi pizza dish that uses 6″ tortillas for a base. M fucked one up grilling it so it got ripped. She gave it to me and I filled it with rice, edamame (instead of black beans), grilled tomato salsa (garnish for tacos), coriander, fish dressed with ceviche dressing and some salt… Rolled it up and then drizzled some anticucho sauce on top.

Pretty shit because I made it in a rush. Probably shoulda thought about it for a coupla minutes first. I think a ceviche burrito hybrid could be good though. Particularly with something meaty like octopus.

Catching Up

At last, we have a slow dinner. Well, on larder anyway. Sushi got slammed with rolls on rolls flying out the door. All 3 guys on rolls almost all the time whilst I had the luxury of setting plates and doing my prep. My commis, meanwhile, dedicates herself to juicing lemons and finishing off the hoopla from yesterday. I explain what I want and she gets it wrong and I’m like “just make it happen!”. I cannot and will not micromanage someone to that exacting detail. I’ll never get my own shit done otherwise.

I’m trying to catch up here but the bish is slowing me down. We do it though, for the most part. We get through it. I’m glad to see her mood appears much improved over yesterday. Hopefully she will stop being distracted and avoid the absurd mistakes she seems to throw herself into. 7x dressing when we normally do 1x or 2x on a good day. Jeebus.

Oh yea. We have a a new waiter whose name is Joel. He’s a yank and he’s got a hipster beard. We call him Jesus and yell out Hallelujah when he takes something off the pass.

Also, I tried to teach some knife theory to the commis in the hope that it will encourage her after the dressings debacle. She wedges the sweet potato mad hard and ends up with these rough surfaced 3D diamonds basically. We fucking just cube em up for a garnish. I demonstrate how easy it ought to be with my petty, which has not been sharpened and is a little dull for me but will still do the trick. It breezes through and it’s a knife I’m still thinning.

I show her the cross section of her knife versus mine and after cutting the sweet potato with my knife, perhaps understands that she needs to work on her knife maintenance skills to work on her knife skills proper. Let’s hope for some changes. She’s got some VG-10 looking type gyuto she bought for 3 bills and a Porsche designed knife that she uses plus a Vic Fibrox boner. The boner is rough as fuck the gyuto needs thinning and serious sharpening. The Porsche is incredibly awful for a professional kitchen. It’s heavy, clunky and is so fucking fat behind the edge, I think it will wedge on mushrooms. I explain that for me to fix that knife, I’d need a belt sander and draw these diagrams and kinda throw down a little bit of sharpening/maintenance theory.

Still being too fucking nice.